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Ever find yourself wishing that you could just get your finances in order and not have to worry about it all anymore?

You know.. pay off your debt, have a big savings account, and still have a lot of fun on the weekends?

(It's totally possible!)

And wouldn't it be great if there was a step by step plan for you to follow?

(one where you could do it at home without having to make an appointment at the bank!)

In this Mini course...

you will learn exactly how myself and my clients are using my plan to:

- Pay off our debt completely

- Stop living pay day to pay day

- Build savings accounts (for real)

- Establish realistic budgets

(yah girl, you can have starbucks)

- And set up our goals for the future so that we are way ahead of the game

This plan has helped hundreds of women take control of their finances.

The best part?

It's just


But, that offer is only up for the next

15 minutes

This program includes:

- a 50 min training walking you through the slides + how to utilize the plan

- A downloadable resource to fill in as you go through the training

- The slides I used in this training so you can go through it at your own pace

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