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Managing stress by planning for the future

Families around the world are feeling the budget tightening, and mounting stress from all angles. I'm hearing from many anxious people seeking advice. They are concerned about protecting themselves and their loved ones both in health and in finances.

Taking time to review and evaluate your life plan is one of the most beneficial ways to address and alleviate some of this anxiety. Life insurance is one answer that provides solutions for many different areas: both short term needs regarding debt and mortgages as well as long term for savings and estate expenses.

We at the Financial Diva are always here to help you with building, evaluating and re-evaluating that plan. It can change as these times change and we will ensure you're supported with experience and professional knowledge to protect the future of both you and the ones you love, so you can find more joy in the extra time you have together right now.

We have some great articles to share about trimming an already tight budget, planning to save during this time and looking at investments differently. Contact us any time to arrange for a virtual meeting or phone call.

Trimming an already Trimmed Budget

Look at areas that are normally fixed expenses such as automobile insurance to see if staying home means you can make changes and save a portion of that cost. You can also look at deferring your property taxes, postponing utility payments and refinancing your mortgage in include debts.

Saving During Isolation

How some households are saving during isolation with investments in bottomed-out stock prices and paying off credit card debts. We have experience in investments and strategic planning so be sure to book a call before making a purchase!

Changing your Investment Strategy

You may want to look at where you are holding your current investments and evaluate what makes the most sense not just now, but for your long-term investment plan. Sit down on a call with the Financial Diva team to best evaluate where your risk tolerance is and how to best position yourself following the initial impact of Covid-19.

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