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What my client's have to say ..

"For the first twenty years of our marriage, we took care of people, be it elderly parents or siblings whose marriage had imploded or was on the verge of disintegration. We put our trust in someone who gave the impression they were looking after our best interest but we found out that that was the furthest thing from their mind.


To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. We knew we had to take charge and look after our own fate. It was at this low point that we were blessed to have Risa Andersen come our way.


At our first meeting Risa faced a very angry but beaten down couple who were skeptical of everything. When Risa began to speak, she had a very professional demeanour that spoke volumes about her abilities and product knowledge. She immediately conveyed the thought that she was there for us, would always work in our best interest and be there for us when we needed her. While for others it has become easy to say things and not deliver, with Risa her word is a promise to help and in our experience, her promises are always kept. Trust was not easy for us but Risa has proven time and time again that if she says she can help, she will.


We are grateful to have had Risa come to us and urge anyone to share our experience and invite the 'Financial Diva' to address their needs."

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